Wednesday, November 03, 2004

back in manila

I am finally back.

Yup, the days have gone so fast and things have happened so quickly that i am almost afraid ithe entire weekend was one long dream. Celebrated All Souls' Day and Halloween in the province, and well, it was good to meet up and hangout with family and friends once again (after all, i do get to see them about twice or thrice in a year). Also, it was good that the peeps met Jason, and we got to hangout in the town i grew up in. It's not exactly the coolest place in the world, but i like it. I had my share of nostalgia as we had some Luna's arroz caldo, Biscocho house products, checked out the sinamay goods and yes, drove around the city. It's kewl to revisit the old neighborhood.

+ + +

Somehow i am still adjusting to the schedules. Back at home, i was up till the wee hours in the morning watching TV (they have cable) and enjoying the DSL my mom recently purchased. It was great! I would sleep in till 9am and not really worry about traffic (what traffic!?). Things were easier too. I didn't have to worry about the check in or the idea of being late to the airport (it was 15 mins away from my house,tops) and everything else, well, things are simpler in the province that if it weren't for the fact that the place was just TOO laid back. i'd be spending my days there.

Of course, i did miss the night life of coffee shops open till late, people out in the city at 1am, hangin out at the local bars checking out gigs and yes, chillin' with my sweetie without the paranoia of my folks freaking out on us.

+ + +

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